About Us

"Bees & Trees was spontaneously created, in search of a natural sunscreen. But, passion always leads to greater things, so in this experiment Rona found way more than just a natural sunscreen."

“What you seek is seeking you” - Rumi

Bees & Trees continued to grow along with passion and love for nature, art and science. Each new formula was like a work of art starting from the ingredients,  preparation, packaging, design and marketing.
The goal was not just to make people look good without harming their health, but also to feel good through every product they used.
Essentially, the purpose was to make others love themselves organically, as it comes from within.
Bees & Trees was first established and designed in Kosovo, developed in Albania, and is now produced and certified  in Italy.

Organic Eye Contour Cream
Organic Moisturizing Cream

Why choose Bees & Trees?

Safe Ingredients

All Bees & Trees products are organic, which means all the plant based ingredients are organically grown. The ingredients are 99.9% natural, tested, produced and certified in Italy, based on the EU laws of cosmetics.

We Deliver Worldwide

You can choose anything from our line, or from other brands we love and sell online, and we ship them where ever you are! To be informed about the delivery time, please write us your address on info@beesandtrees.al and our team will let you know how many days it’ll take to arrive to you.

Safe PayPal Payments

We offer PayPal payments for your security!